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Venture Capital

Investment strategies for business ideas with a future

Individual and tailor-made support

Rivoli Group AG invests in young and innovative founders with future-oriented business ideas. Together with them, we develop the necessary strategies to create new companies, products, and markets.

We consider every innovative idea worth a look. Our venture capital partners develop products and business concepts in numerous industries and segments, including IT, energy, digitalization, communication, mobility, and many others. Through our international network, we provide the necessary sector-specific expertise for almost all areas of innovation for the respective venture capital projects. From the seeding to the expansion stage, we usually invest up to € 5 million based on our sustainably oriented investment strategy.

Venture capital transforms ideas into substance

The venture capital concept of the Rivoli Group enables founders to transfer ideas and innovations into real-world assets. Various studies conclude that innovation projects frequently fail due to insufficient capital adequacy and / or lack of start-up experience. With venture capital as support, the prospects for success improve tremendously.

Venture capital finances very young companies or companies that are just about to be founded, whose assets consist of an idea or an innovation. The risks associated with such commitments are, of course, higher than those for investments in established companies, as offered by the Rivoli Group in the Private Equity division. As a result, venture capitalists are opening great potential for profitability by entering an enterprise at an early stage, which in the best case will lead a futuristic market only a few years later.

The Age of Invisible Revolutions

Most economists and technology experts agree: A technological revolution has long since begun. Digitalization has not yet reached many areas of production and society, but it will fundamentally change them in the next 10-15 years.

Examples to mention include: Autonomous vehicles, digitalization of production processes and networking of everyday objects. In these and numerous other segments, the barriers to entry for innovative companies are lower than in saturated markets. This opens opportunities for private investors to participate in with an investment in venture capital.

Participation in exponential developments

Venture capital invests in projects that carry the potential for exponential growth. Exponential growth is not a “lottery gain” but rather the logical result of a fundamental innovation in the case of a suitable selection and development of an idea.

Exponential growth of an idea does not have to be “predicted” but only measured using appropriate reference values. Exponentially growing innovations already exist. However, part of their nature is the fact that their growth initially falls short the linear growth of established areas and is therefore not perceived by a large number of observers.

As part of our investment processes, we attach great importance to tailor-made communication between our portfolio companies. After a detailed analysis of the actual situation, we work out and implement an individual strategy together with our customers. Thanks to our extensive network, we can offer our customers a comprehensive service package from a single source within Rivoli Group. This is how we create the greatest possible added value for our customers and partners.

Participation plus sector-specific expertise

Our offer in the venture capital business area is far more than “just” the participation with venture capital. We advise and accompany innovators on their way to the market and support them with the specific expertise of our network, for example in all questions of administration, sales, or management. Our venture capital specialists have already successfully placed numerous companies on their current sales markets. They know which development progress is necessary at what time. We also advise founders on patents, government grants, legal frameworks, and many other topics.