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Project- Development & Management

Innovation par excellence

Familiar with the local conditions

With its Business Development & Management division, the Rivoli Group is opening access to the economically emerging markets to its customers. Our focus lies on ambitious emerging markets in the MEA region (Middle East & Africa, where we have extensive networks with specialized partners with long-term experience.

In Project Development & Management, we support our customers in numerous business projects. Our range of services includes the positioning of new and established brands and products, preparatory and supporting measures for upcoming production relocations, establishment and expansion of trade relations as well as the development or expansion of industry-specific structures on site.

For European companies, the markets continue to offer a tremendous potential for sales and profitability improvements, cost optimization, efficiency gains, or the development of strategic competitive advantages. However, the realization of ambitious projects in emerging markets poses new challenges for many companies on the ground. Without appropriate planning processes, considerable delays and difficult cost reductions frequently occur.

The expert support in project management of the Rivoli Group can help to avoid such effects. Our networks have country-specific experience and are available to our clients in every project stage, for example, when dealing with local legislation or local authorities, for appropriate pay policies, effective marketing channels, and much more.

Expert skills in relevant industries

Project implementation in every detail

For project implementation purposes, we supply all the tools of our well-established consulting and investment company to our customers. We provide them with all the support required during acquisitions and takeovers, support real-life investment processes, and examine projects for their feasibility within a specific emerging market.

Our activities extend to numerous key sectors, with a particular focus on real estate & infrastructure management, energy and raw materials sectors, the general services sector, and industrial processing.

After receiving the mandate from our clients, our team of specialists in the project management business unit promptly develops specific and detailed plans for the implementation of the project. We produce reliable statements regarding the feasibility, the time horizon, and the costs.