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Private Equity

Interface between capital and growth

Maximum benefit for investors and companies

Our investment concepts enable dynamic companies from future-oriented sectors to secure and accompany growth processes. Whether from the energy sector, clean and biotechnology, information and communication technology, or infrastructure management – our investors participate in attractive and broadly diversified opportunities-risk profiles as well as in sustainable corporate development.

In the selection process, which is constantly adapted to current market developments, our analysts are looking for investments in which all stakeholders from the additional capital invested benefit as much as possible. Using this model, our investors benefit from attractive yields on investments while companies benefit from an efficient use of resources.

Operational and strategic cooperation

Expanding the investor base

Our analysts, consultants, and market players have in-depth experience in all areas relevant to the course of private equity transactions. The role of the Rivoli Group in the company transactions depends on the details of each individual option. In addition, there is the possibility to cooperate extensively, both operatively and/or strategically, beyond the investment capital.

Thanks to our highly competent network, we have access to options which are rarely open to other investment companies, or only at a significantly later point in time. In addition to our own commitment, we also enable access to additional institutional investors to realize larger projects without cluster risks. A clear advantage for investors and companies at the same time.

Maximum synergy effects

In the context of participation, we also generate additional synergies, for example in the form of a merging of two companies or through the takeover of a company by our partner. With such chained transactions, we use the equity of our investors with maximum effectiveness – without neglecting the principles of diversification.

Our Private Equity Models

Private equity partnerships can be based on very different initial situations, objectives, and motivations. Accordingly, the Rivoli Group implements individual private equity financing models that are optimally tailored to the respective requirements.

Monitoring processes

The core of our daily work is the monitoring of all relevant markets. In line with our successful private equity strategies, we begin with the operational and strategic requirements of industries and companies and provide possible entrepreneurial options at an early stage. The effect of the monitoring processes of the Rivoli Group is illustrated by a few examples.

The four stages of private equity cooperation

  1. Analysis and evaluation of investment options:
    Prospective investment options with promise on the market are initially explored.
  2. Acquisition of shares/agreement of further partnerships (entry):
    Subsequently, shareholding is created through the acquisition of shares. The cooperation between Rivoli Group AG and its private equity partners frequently extends beyond this stage and also includes a strategic and/or operational component.
  3. Monitoring the portfolio:
    We continually review an investment as well as the entire portfolio for the fulfilment of targets, new options, and new risks to be assessed.

            4.        Exit from partnership (exit, time horizon: mostly 3 – 7 years):
The shares are sold. Once investment planning has been established, an attractive return can be achieved with the investment, and the partner can be supported operatively, strategically or technologically in achieving entrepreneurial goals. The “exit” frequently coincides with an IPO of the partner.