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Code of Conduct

Faced with a growing environmental impact and increasing social problems, we believe that responsible investments are the right approach to the success of a company in this turbulent environment. Investors can benefit from the associated contexts. That is why responsible investments are one of the core principles of our activities. This applies both to the selection of the assets as well as to our commitment as an investor.

The Rivoli Group is committed to sustainable corporate governance, which is reflected in high standards of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. As an advisory and holding company, the commitment to self-commitment applies not only to our own company, but also to the investments managed by us (as managers or consultants).

Corporate Governance

The Rivoli Group places priority on compliance with international corporate standards. Open, contemporary, and regular information as well as transparent decision-making structures justify and encourage the trust of present, future and other investors.


Our code of conduct reflects the central values and areas of action. We strictly reject corruption or any other form of unethical behaviour. There are detailed regulations on compliance issues, such as travel expenses, hospitality, gifts, invitations, employees, and equal treatment. Of course, these compliance rules also apply to our portfolio companies.


We commit ourselves to comply with the ESG principles also in our investments as we are convinced that this creates added value and reduces the risk of failure. This is in line with the interests of our customers and investors.

Investment process

In this context, we have designed the investment process for our investments as well as for those we manage. Each new participation option is reviewed according to selected ESG criteria. Throughout the entire support process, we control the ESG development in close cooperation with our portfolio companies.


We always see ourselves as co-owners of the companies in which we invest. That way, we are fully responsible for the ESG challenges and exert active and committed influence on it.


We are committed to managing the assets of our customers in a responsible manner. Therefore, we are committed to promoting sustainable business practices that help companies realize their full potential.

Social services

In a variety of ways, we recognize that our employees are our most important resource. Oc-cupational safety, health of employees, and a non-discriminatory environment are of the utmost priority. Training and remuneration systems always place the employees at the cen-tre of the concepts. Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture.


We strive to direct our own actions to the greatest possible reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases as well as the highest possible resource efficiency. For this reason, too, we are striving, for example, to deliberately reduce the number of business trips to the neces-sary extent and to consider sustainability when purchasing consumer goods.