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Cleantech & Biotechnology

Rivoli Group AG is committed to sustainable solutions in all areas. For this reason, it is obvious for us to set an industry focus on future-oriented products, processes, and services that deal with clean technologies. We focus on solutions that improve operational performance, productivity, efficiency, reduce costs, and conserve natural resources.

Dynamic market for clean technologies

The technology around clean energy generation and resource efficiency has developed into a growth driver in Switzerland as well as globally. Industry companies operate in a very dynamic environment, where innovative technologies and services are required, which are characterized above all by their environmental compatibility and efficiency.

At the heart of cleantech is the intelligent connection of clean technologies from many different areas. In this way, technologies such as Smart Home, electromobility, renewable energies, building automation, and energy efficiency can be interlinked via the intelligent power grid.

Versatile discipline with diverse applications

Biotechnology is a collective term for an almost unmanageable variety of processes, products, and methods. It is used in medication, detergents, but also in plants. It is a classical cross-section technology that is not only based on disciplines such as biology and biochemistry, but also includes physics, chemistry, process engineering, materials science, and computer science. The core of biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living organisms.

For Rivoli Group AG, the special potential of biotechnology lies in its wide range of possible applications. Its main fields of application include medicine, agriculture, and numerous industrial applications. It can be used to develop new drugs, breed new plant varieties, or produce everyday products, such as detergents and cosmetics, more efficiently.

Investment market biotechnology

Like the cleantech industry, the biotech industry is also on a sustained path of growth. The entrepreneurial dynamics as well as the growing interest of large pharmaceutical companies are making this sector increasingly attractive to investors. With estimated growth rates of more than 10% per year, modern biotechnology is one of the most interesting growth industries. While sales were USD 130 billion in 2014, they are expected to exceed USD 180 billion by 2017.

Growth drivers in the cleantech & biotechnology sector


Particularly in emerging markets, such as China, India, and Russia, state health systems are being expanded and the demand for private health services by a growing middle class is increasing.


New technologies, combined with the increasing knowledge of biological processes, enable specific drugs to be developed and therapies to be optimized.


The progressing age of the population as well as health-threatening factors are increasing, such as diabetes, hypertension, and calcification of the coronary arteries.

Life expectancy

The growing number of age-related diseases is increasingly affecting healthcare systems.


Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s are being diagnosed increasingly. The to this point unsatisfying therapy options offer a need for research and an almost untapped market.