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About us

Rivoli Group AG is an internationally active consulting and investment company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our focus is on consulting and investing in young and innovative companies with above-average growth opportunities, mainly from the ICT, pharmaceutical, clean and biotech, robotics, and international consumer goods sectors. We also advise and support young and medium-sized companies in European capital market transactions.

Through our fixed international network, we are able to adequately support young and established companies in all business and expansion processes and provide a maximum level of expertise in order to successfully unlock new markets.

Another area of focus of the Rivoli Group is project development and implementation in growth-oriented emerging markets, in the areas of consumer goods, real estate and infrastructure management as well as the industrial sector. In doing so, we want to become integral in the future markets with a high degree of innovativeness and participate in the above-average growth opportunities in the long term.

Our Strategy

Above-average yield expectations generally mean a correspondingly high level of risk. For this reason, we attach great importance to the value and sustainability in our investments.

Through our broad portfolio management, we create a healthy relationship between innovative technologies and substantial real economy.

In addition to the active promotion of numerous innovative advances in Europe, we are gradually expanding our infrastructure and network into dynamic developing countries to be present in numerous relevant markets and take advantage of investment opportunities at an early stage.

Due to the lean corporate structure, which concentrates exclusively on our core competencies as well as the constant updating and safeguarding of our corporate strategy, which is continually adapted to market conditions, we are creating a long-term stable market position and pushing unencumbered growth.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Implementing the best and most innovative products and services in interna-tional markets!

Considering a steadily-growing need for innovative technologies for an efficient and sustainable use of resources, we are establishing exclusive high-end and state-of-the-art technologies and services together with our portfolio partners in international target markets. We cultivate a productive, culturally open, creative and success-oriented cooperation with the people as well as within the respective intercultural organizations and networks.

Our employees are convinced that together we can successfully cope with the numerous social challenges and therefore act with a maximum of self-reliance. We see ourselves as an interface between companies and target markets. In this way, we can translate high-end innovations into success as your business model.

Code of Conduct

Die Rivoli Group verpflichtet sich einer nachhaltigen Unternehmensführung, die sich in hohen Standards hinsichtlich Umwelt (Environment), Soziales (Social) und Unternehmensführung (Governance) widerspiegeln (im Folgenden ESG).

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